Friday, October 27, 2006

So, What Does it Mean to be a Moderate Muslim?

British novelist Martin Amis wrote a 12,000 word piece in the Guardian ("The Age of Horrorism") to coincide with the 5th anniversary of September 11th. In it he rails against Islamism, and describes how he abandoned short story dealing with a would-be terrorist. The piece has sparked much intense debate in the bloggosphere, especially over what he calls the “civil war within Islam.”

"Until recently it was being said that what we are confronted with, here, is a ‘civil war’ within Islam. That’s what all his was supposed to be: not a clash of civilizations or anything like that, but a civil war within Islam. Well, the civil war appears to be over. And Islamism won it. The loser, moderate Islam, is always deceptively well-represented on the level of the op-ed page and the public debate; elsewhere, it is supine and inaudible. We are not hearing from moderate Islam. Whereas Islamism, as a mover and shaper of world events, is pretty well all there is."

So, what does it mean to be a moderate Muslim?  The eminent Prof Khaled Abou Fadl is engaged to discuss this subject in an interesting radio show called "Open Source".  Click here to download the radio interview (mp3 format).  Click here to visit the Open Source website on this subject.  You can read interesting comments by listeners.

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