Monday, July 03, 2006

Suicide Bombing...

Salaams one and all. I was reading Sunni Sisters blog and was then crossed to Boston Globe's latest photo gallery entitled "To be Muslim". It's a short photo essay with snippets of the life of some Muslims in America. There's a particular photo featuring Abdul Atheem and Musa Abdur-Rahman. They talked about suicide bombing, and what they said really captures my sentiments on the subject of suicide bombing. See the photo below, and read what they had to say,

''Yeah, man,'' says Abdul Atheem (left). ''Come by my shop. I'll help you with your project.'' I set off for Endemik Designs in Peabody to meet Atheem, a Dominican immigrant who also goes by Andy Santos, and Musa Abdur-Rahman, a Venezuelan immigrant also known as Juan Carlos Pina.

''What I love about Islam is the guidance,'' Atheem tells me. ''Now that I am a Muslim, I see the benefits of Islam. There are so many evils we see every single day. If people were to just follow what God had revealed, there would be peace, there wouldn't be war.''

The conversation turns to suicide bombers. ''Most people who do suicide bombings are ignorant, I don't care how Islamic they say they are,'' Abdur-Rahman says. ''Mohammed says if anybody kills himself or herself, God will punish them forever in that form which he has killed himself. If you blow yourself up, God will blow you up in the hellfire, rebuild you, and blow you up again for eternity.''

Hope you go through the other pictures as well (only 7 in all). Picture used without permission, of course. Hope Boston Globe don't mind. Oh yah! especially for Americans, Happy Independence Day!

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