Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Sufism & Its Place in Islam

Salaams everyone. I came across a lecture by Ahmet Karamustafa, Associate Professor of History & Religious Studies at Washington University.  In a lecture organised by John Caroll University (JCU), hexplained the subject of "Sufism & Its Place Within Islam".  Following a discussion of terms, Dr. Karamustafa presented "portraits" of two Sufis who were pivotal to the development of the movement.  The various sections of the lecture includes:
1. Introduction by Prof Zeki Saritoprak (Nursi Chair in Islamic Studies at JCU)
2. Lecture by Dr. Karamustafa
a. Introduction of Subject
b. Definition of Terms
c. Portraits of 2 early Sufis - Sahl At-Toustari & Abou Hussein Nouri
d. Sufi's Place Within Islam
e. Summary
3. Questions & Answers
It's kinda quite basic, but worth listening. Have a listen!

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