Wednesday, May 03, 2006

If It Weren't for Oil...

Peace. If it weren't for oil...hmmm... Just wanted to share with you a couple of interesting articles containing comments on Salafi/Wahhabi stuff made recently by James Woolsey, the former director of the CIA.
If it weren't for oil, some of these movements, like the Wahhabi in Saudi Arabia, would be a few tens of thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of crazies out there in the middle of the desert somewhere. But oil ... and the control of the two great holy places of Islam gives them the ability to spread their doctrine all over the world. The Wahhabis get ... something in the ballpark of $4 billion a year from the Saudis to run their operations and set up their madrases (religious schools) in Pakistan and print up the literature they put in mosques in the United States, and enforce with religious police. And that's essentially the same doctrine as al-Qaida. The only thing they and al-Qaida disagree about is who should be in charge.
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Today, however, the ideology of our enemies is vibrant, strong, and religiously rooted. It presents a very difficult problem for us, because the Islamist-Salafist ideology, in the Middle East particularly and some other parts of the Muslim world, it is attracting some of the more talented and able young men and occasionally young women of those societies. There is, in the Salafist world, fire in the minds of men.

In the Cold War, we did not have to worry about screening the clerics who applied to be prison ministers for their ideological beliefs. Yet today, a fair number of Muslim prison clerics, are Wahhabis who teach the underlying ideology of hatred which is the same as that taught and adhered to by al-Qaeda.

The underlying views of Saudi Arabia’s Wahhabis and the jihadis such as al-Qaeda are essentially the same. They are explicitly genocidal with respect to Shi’ite Muslims, Jews, and homosexuals. They are fanatically hostile to pretty much everybody else: Sufi Muslims, Christians, women, democracy, music, across the board. The Saudis, out of their $160 billion oil income annually, take 3 or 4 billion and give it to the Wahhabi sect in Saudi Arabia. When those $3-4 billion go to the Wahhabis and the Wahhabis use them to help put prison chaplains into American prisons or to teach hatred in the madrassas of Pakistan, they are spreading essentially the same underlying ideology that is held by al-Qaeda.
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Woolsey gave some interesting suggestions about eradicating the hate ideology. He also said some interesting things about Shaykh Hisham Kabbani
There are millions of good and decent Muslims in the world. If you want to have an interesting speaker, sometime invite Sheik Kabbani from Detroit, the head of the Sufis in the United States, an absolutely wonderful man.

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