Monday, April 10, 2006

Rabiulawal & Maulid

Salaams. It's the month of Rabiulawal once again, Alhamdulillah. It's the month when Prophet Muhammad salallahu alaihi wassalam was born over 1400 years ago. Salutations and prayers of Allah be upon our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, the Sun of the Universe, the Light of Lights, the Best of Creation, the Reason of Creation.

As usual when Rabiulawal come we busy ourselves with salawat and the reading of the life of Sayyidina Muhammad (s). The Muslims in the Malay Archipelago (Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei & Indonesia) usually read kitabs like Maulid ad-Diba'e, Maulid al-Habshi and Maulid Mangkus in this month. Both Diba'e and al-Habshi maulids are of Yemeni origin, while Mangkus is possibly of Southasian origin.

Talking about Rabiulawal, Sunni Sisters blog had an interesting line, read on...
I just have to comment that it’s interesting to me that all these masajid will have events about Palestine, Kashmir, immigration, voting, the war, Christianity, “meet your friendly local FBI agents,” and tons of other things, but if you dare suggest an evening (let alone a month… or a year) of activities devoted to learning about the Prophet of Allah and making salawat on him (sallalalahu aleyhi wa salaam), people will have heart attacks in their rush to be the first to proclaim such a public showing of devotion “bid’a.” Subhan’Allah!
Yep, how true! I was once attending a seminar discussing about Islam/youth and a panelist made the following remark "I don't understand why Mosques have to spend time and resources reading the Maulid during the month of Rabiulawal when they should be spending time to resolve the troubles of the youth of today." Unfortunately it was not a proper setting for me to rebut, but I thought "Why is this supersize idiot making a fuss about some Muslims who want to read the Maulid for only 12 days during Rabiulawal? Afterall, we have another 350 days to resolve the problems of our society. And, if we can't resolve the youth problems in 365 days, how can we resolve it within the 12 days of Rabiulawal!". SubhanAllah! Hence, I cannot agree more with Sunni Sisters.

Interestingly, this year I am having less problems with the Wahhabis attacking us about the Maulid, Alhamdulillah. For many years now I have been inundated with statements and emails containing fatwas from Bin Baz, Uthaymin and other Wahhabis condemning the Maulid reading, blah, blah, blah. Hopefully, they can leave us in peace this year to read the Maulid, so that we can focus on honouring and loving our Beloved Prophet Muhammad, may the Prayers of Allah be upon him.

By the way, this website has an interesting selection of Islamic songs, nasheeds and salawats (though quite an illegal website). Nonetheless, good selection. Good to hear, but please find and buy the original CDs if you like the songs.


Umm Zaid said...

Salaam 'Alaikum

Wow thanks for linking my posts. I also still get teary eyed when I re-read the post about his death (sallalahu aleyhi wa salaam).

The big problem is that we don't talk or learn about the Prophet too much period (sallalahu aleyhi wa salaam)... if people could devote one day, week, or just the whole month of Rabi 'Awwal, but they don't. It's "bid'a," but then there is no dedication the rest of the year either. The real bid'a is to restrict your remembrance or celebration (however you want to say it) of his birth to one day in Rabi 'Awwal, subhan'Allah.

This is a topic about which I could go on, but I'll spare you.

Anonymous said...

Asalam aliekum
I am no sufi and not qualified in these matters.

If you arrange a gathering in someone's honor and request there prensence they will show...SO if we arrange a millaad we are honored with the presence of our blessed messenger (sallalahu aleyhi wa salaam). his companions and though we may not see they are there Praying for us and filling our homes our hearts with there light