Thursday, April 06, 2006

Islam and Democracy

Salaams. I came across a wonderful video/audio of a discussion with the eminent Prof Khaled Abou Fadl (and another 2 personalities) entitled "Islam and the Challenge of Democracy". It was organised by the MIT Centre for International Studies, Boston Review and WBUR. It was organised in May 2003, but the facts are still very relevant today.

I spent quite a reasonable time with Prof Khaled as he came to Singapore for a SEAsia lecture tour, and was with him throughout his programmes in Singapore as well as Malaysia. SubhanAllah, it was such a wonderful period of my life. I learnt a great deal from Prof Khaled Abou Fadl. He's such a knowledgeable Islamic scholar, that I have not met many Islamic scholars of his calibre.

Anyway, we'll discuss about my experience with Prof Khaled at another junction. Meanwhile, please feel free to view/listen to this discussion forum - it's about 1 hour long. You can view it at

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