Monday, April 10, 2006

Battle for Islam

Salaams. There's an interesting documentary produced by BBC called Battle for Islam. I saw this documentary last year, and I came across it again. It's worth watching. Ziauddin travelled to 5 countries - Pakistan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Morocco and Turkey - for this docu to understand the state of Islam and Muslims in these countries.
Writer Ziauddin Sardar takes an epic journey to discover how Muslims in five different countries are trying to win back the soul of Islam from extremists, in a 90-minute special documentary. Ziauddin Sardar, travelling around several Muslim countries, finds that thinkers, activists, political leaders and ordinary Muslims across the globe are refusing to be defined by the ideology of violence and intolerance, but their responses are diverse.
The documentary is not really an indepth analysis. A topic of this importance should need at least 4 or 5 episodes. More research, debate and discussion is needed. Click here to view the documentary.

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