Friday, March 17, 2006

Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab

I received an email some time ago about an int'l seminar in Malaysia (16 & 17 March) to discuss the life and times of Muhammad Bin Abdul Wahhab, the founder of the Wahhabism ideology. The 2-day seminar is organised in the state of Perlis in Malaysia, which is already known as the Wahhabi capital of Malaysia. Interestingly, the seminar will be officiated by the Prince Regent of Perlis and the Chief Minister of Perlis. I supposed their presence is just so that everyone can now confirm that Wahhabism is the official creed of the State of Perlis, just like it is in Saudi Arabia. We can put any doubt to rest now.

The speakers for the seminar are coming from United Kingdom, Makkah (of course!), Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. I heard that buses have been arranged by organisations in Malaysia and Singapore to bring the loads of participants to the seminar. The disappointing thing is that there have been many seminars on Prophet Muhammad organised in Malaysia and Singapore, but for the life of me I could not remember any bus loads of people attending such seminars. I don't recall the Wahhabis coming in droves to attend a seminar on our beloved Prophet, but it seems they will bend over backwards to promote their founder and the warped ideology.

Actually if you think about it (the story of Wahhabism), it's really funny. Countries like Britain which had contributed towards the rise of Wahhabism, and the formation of Saudi Arabia, are the biggest regretters today. They've created a monster they can't subdue! Same goes with Saudi Arabia - they can't control the monster they created. It seems the Wahhabis in Saudi Arabia feel that their Wahhabi rulers are just not Wahhabi enough!

By Allah, let it be known that the days of Wahhabism are numbered. The beauty and glory of Islam shall return!


Anonymous said...

Asalaamu alaykum
peace be upon all those who follow right guidance! In reality the only thing that is warped are those who use words such as "Wahabi" realisticly there is no such thing and the word was created by the colonialists to cause devision between the Muslims, I'm sure we are all farmiliar with the phrase "Devide and conquer" The Sheikh Muhammad ibn AbdulWahab (May Allah be merciful with him) was a reviver of Islam and fought for the sake of Allah (swa) to rid the Arabian penisular of the pagan practices that had crept back into the worship of the people over time, to rid the peninsular of superstition, graveworship and shirk.I,like many other Muslims, consider the Sheikh to be a great scholer and have benefited from his works and would not call myself "Wahabi" nor "Sufi" but a Muslim following Qur'an and Sunnah and Allah (swa) knows best!

Anonymous said...

I dare all the haters to pick up a book of Ibn Abdul Wahaab and read it with a critical mind and see for themselves if there is anything that is not from the Quran and Sunnah. Lets not take short cuts by merely listening to so called Shuyoukh who are uttering this misnomer "wahabi" without any solid proof against the guy. Be open minded and use your logic as Allaah subhaanahu wa ta'3ala orders us.

Anonymous said...

assalamualaikum, as a Perlisian myself, i think some of your assumption and claims may lead to further accusations towards us in Perlis. I believe it is best for you to keep ur assumptions to urself rather then publicize them here so that the whole world could read them.

your claim that you never see buses with lots of people attending seminars or talk on our beloved Prophet Muhammad is certainly baseless. again as i said, that was just your claim and can u explain to me on what basis you come out with such claim?

furthermore,i think you somehow explained the reason for your own baseless claim in which your were saying that there are a lot of seminars on Prophet Muhammad in both Malaysia and Singapore and by that, why should they arrange lots of buses in a first place if the seminars are already a lot which i believe held all over Malaysia and Singapore.

Whilst for this talk on the other hand, is one of very few talks ever held on this matter and certainly it is not wrong for them to arrange buses since its not gonna held as frequent as other talks. remember, belajarlah ilmu samapai ke negara China that i think they did nothing harm if they wanna increase the level of their knowledge on Islam.

again ur claim that you never recall any wahabis coming for seminars on our beloved prophet, as i said earlier its just a claim by you, do u have any proof or record. please, this will only worsen the current situation with further accusations and things like taht. if you think your claim is baseless without any proof or evidence, pls dont post it here. you better check it with those who knows.

on other note, i like ur blog, its very informative.


antimajews said...

Salamon Aleykom
All Moslems during history have their duty.
For fulfilling our duites we need to be armed with science.
I think it is time to answer those wahabbis a very good answer using science of religion.
At first let me tell you that those who ask you to not call wahabbis, wahabbis but Moslem, they themselves better to have a review on wahabbis publicaions.
Wahabbis call any other islamic sect either Kafir, Moshrik or Suffi.
Should we also call Khawarij, Moslem?
Second, How can we call Abdu Wahhab a Moslem when he in his books insulted Imam Ghazali, Imam Fakhr Razi,Tabarssi, Assqalani, Thalabi, and even Tabari?
Do you know that even his brother Sheikh Soleyman Abdu wahab was against him?
Qarzawi at one point said, that there is no one inside islamic world, alive or death, whom against him wahabbis has not written a book of cursing.
Here are some of their books:
"الکلب العالي يوسف القرضاوي"
"«تحذير الامم من کلب العجم" which is about Syed Jamolodin
"صواعق من النار علي صاحب المنار" which is against Tafsiro al Manar
And it is interesting that all their books are only and only against moslems not against Marxism, Buhdism, or even Judaism.
Go and read what is the ideas of Syhid Qutb against them.

Anonymous said...

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